Golf Cart Questions: What Are The Most Asked Questions About Golf Carts?

Today we look at some of the most common golf cart questions asked to Google, meaning that when you begin typing a question about golf carts, how does Google autocomplete the question? We’ve taken some of those autofilled golf cart questions and answered them here! As always, if you have a question that is not answered here, you can always use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Are golf carts…

…street legal?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsIt depends on the golf cart! We sell a lot of street legal low speed vehicles (LSVs), such as our Evolution carts. In order for a golf cart to be street legal, it must be registered as an LSV. To become certified, the cart must be able to reach and maintain a speed of 24mph, in order to be allowed on streets with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. It also must have several safety requirements, such as seat belts, headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, windshield, and most recently, a backup camera and an audio indicator for moving forward.

Something to note is that golf carts and LSVs are technically different. What we have named as golf carts are technically considered LSVs, because they’re street legal, and can reach 24mph and have all the required safety features. This golf cart on the left is an LSV, meaning that in a more literal sense, it’s not a golf cart at all! However, because they have the appearance of golf carts and most people don’t know the term LSV, we call them golf carts for easier understanding. While we also sell regular golf carts, which are not street legal, a good selection of our fleet are street legal LSVs.

Once registered as an LSV, a golf cart can be driven and parked just like a car – remember that they are only allowed on public roads that are 35mph or less.


If they have a VIN number, yes. When purchasing a street legal golf cart from us, it comes with a tag and title already.

…expensive to maintain?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsIt depends on the condition of the golf cart. Most maintenance is not too complicated, and simple repairs such as battery replacements and tire changes can be done at home. The most important part of the golf cart to maintain and check regularly is the batteries. Standard lead-acid batteries can last around 3-6 years, depending on the type. Eventually, they will need to be replaced, but you can extend the life of the batteries by maintaining them regularly. Always make sure they have the right level of water – generally, they need to be refilled once a month, and you must use distilled water. You’ll also want to check for corrosion and loose terminals, and make sure the condition of the cables stays good. If you need to swap out a battery cable, they are generally inexpensive. Make sure to keep them charged. Other things to look out for include:

Tires: Make sure tread is good, and tires have plenty of air and nothing embedded in the rubber. Check the tire pressure from time to time, and make sure your rims are on tight.

Brakes: Clean and adjust the brakes and make sure the brake cable is in good shape. You don’t have to do this very often – once a year is sufficient. It can be expensive to replace the brakes if they fail.

Suspension and Rear Axle: Take care of your cart and maintain it regularly and the suspension will stay in great condition for many years. A sign that the suspension may be failing is the ride feeling rougher. This will be expensive to repair, so make sure to keep it in good shape. Be sure to also check the condition of the rear axle occasionally, especially if you hear any strange noises, and always be on the lookout for anything – like oil – leaking.

Other areas to remember are the steering column – check how well the steering is performing by test driving the cart and seeing how it responds to quick turns and adjustments, and all electrical components – windshield wipers, LED bars, reverse warning buzzers, and Bluetooth soundbars all have connections that should be periodically checked and maintained.

See our accessory shop for batteries, tires, or other golf cart needs!

Do golf carts…

…have VIN numbers?

Street legal LSVs have VIN numbers. By meeting the right safety requirements, golf carts can get one as well, and can become street legal. If a cart is an LSV and has a VIN number, it also needs to be registered.

…run on gas?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsMost of the time, golf carts are electric, but there are still gas golf carts being manufactured – we sell new American Landmaster carts that run on gas, along with various types of used gas golf carts from brands such as Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Gas golf carts are not street legal – they can only reach a speed of around 16mph, and can’t travel or maintain the required maximum speed for an LSV (24mph).  Newer laws are also pushing for more eco-friendly vehicles, which is why nearly all street legal golf carts will be electric. Few gas gold carts are actually street legal, but that is because they’ve been grandfathered in (they were street legal before the law changed), and they can only travel on streets 25mph or less. The gas golf carts you see are mostly non-street legal utility carts for construction sites and similar industrial areas.

Can golf carts…

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf carts…get wet?

Yes, all electrical parts are sealed inside and protected from rain. Batteries are sealed in a waterproof casing. It is fine to drive your golf cart in the rain – however, it’s not recommended if the rain is heavy, as it could impair visibility and flood the streets.

We have a blog with more details about our golf cart enclosures!

…be stored outside?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsYes, provided conditions aren’t too extreme. Golf carts are just like a car in the way that they can be parked outside and don’t necessarily need a garage, but it’s recommended to store them in a garage if temperatures get too hot or cold or heavy rainfall floods the area. If temperatures aren’t too severe or rain is a light to medium shower, you can store your golf cart outside and cover it with one of our storage covers – available for 2, 4, and 6 passenger golf carts and a universal fit!

…drive on sand?

Most of the time, no. Even if they have off-road tires, the weight of the cart will cause it to bury itself before making it very far, especially if it’s soft sand like on the beach. Aside from that, in most areas of Florida, it is not legal to drive a golf cart on the beach. The only place close to one of our locations where a golf cart can be driven on the beach is Daytona Beach. However, utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), mostly used for industrial work, can have 4 wheel drive and therefore are able to be driven on the beach. However, unless it’s for a construction project and you have special permission to use one of these vehicles on the beach, generally, it is not allowed.

Have other golf cart questions?

For any other golf cart questions you may have that we didn’t answer here, contact us by using our contact form! On the topic of Google, we also have a Google Places shop set up, where you can view and purchase some of our golf carts and accessories! You can visit it by clicking this link and view some of the products only available in our Google shop!

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